September 23, 2005

On my way home from work today, I saw an accident at a railroad crossing. No trains were involved, but an SUV went airborne (literally), flipped onto the roof, and came to rest on a pickup truck's hood. Not what I'd call a nice commute home.

Photos are on flickr, as well as the full story. Start HERE to see the story.

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September 15, 2005
I'm available, apparently.

So... umm... most people haven't seen this yet, and most don't likely bother to seek out such news stories. But this one is kinda scary that it affects me directly.

If you haven't clicked on the link yet, do so now.

Clicked yet? Okay. Now remember where I work? Okay.

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September 09, 2005
Breaking News

By far, this is the most accurate TV caption.. ever!

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September 07, 2005
Word of the Day

So I came up with a new word yesterday that had Janine rolling on the floor. So, the word of the day is...


Care to try it in a scentence?

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September 05, 2005

Janine went to the library last week. She hadn't gone since we'd moved to Grayslake, so she felt it was about time to visit and peruse the stacks. When she returned, among her purchases was a book about sheep. Specifically, a book on how to live with and raise sheep.

Yes. A flock of sheep.

Now, I know she's deeply involved with her knitting... but this is going a bit too far.

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September 02, 2005
Real Quick

For your morning enjoyment, I give you The Last Wish of a Dying Man, courtesy of


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