October 23, 2005

So Abi is now married to her bo of 8+ years. It was a beautiful wedding, and an awesome party followed. I did my best to light up the dance floor, and got a few comments... and a few weird looks, to say the least!

I had a great time, even though Janine was in Michigan doing some bridal shower stuff for another friend getting married next year. She drove to Michigan and took care of the dog while helping to host a party. I flew to New York, was shuttled around by a friend who drove out for the wedding, and partied 'til the cows came home. Sounds even to me. ;-)

Highlights of Saturday included the wedding (duh), the pre-party at a bar, Sue kicking ass at 301 at said bar, the open bar at the reception, the food at said reception, the moist and delicious cak (spelled incorrectly for those in the know), the DJ playing songs including mexican dance tunes, and the White Sox winning game 1 on the TV in the bar. Overall, a very good time had by all!

Some of my pictures are on my Flickr page starting here. My friend Jon has a slew of pics (some the same, most not) on his website here.

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October 21, 2005

Probably the most uncomfortable thing to do is to take 3 guys from China out to lunch at a Mid-West Chinese restaurant. Here it's called Chinese Food (and americanized, at that). Over there, it's food. And probably a lot better than the stuff here.

First was the interaction with the waitress. She had an accent that indicated English was not her first language. When these guys started talking in Chinese (Mandarin, I think), she made it obvious that Chinese was not her first.

It took them a while to get through the menu. They didn't recognize immesiately that words like "Moo Shu" were the englishization of the Chinese characters that make up "Moo Shu."

After that, it was a pretty good lunch full of small talk and random topics that probably took up most of their non-engineering vocaulary. The highlight of the meal, however...

"I haven't had Chinese food in so long! It's been, like, 3 or 4 days!"

Hilarity ensued.

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October 19, 2005

It's official. People at Northern Michigan University have way too much time on their hands.

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Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!

Things that do not mix:

- Oil & Vinegar
- Fox & Hounds
- Large Coffee & 2-hour Conference Call

Which one do you think happened to me today?

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October 11, 2005
Not dead, just no fodder

Sorry for the blank screen for a while. Here's the round-up of usual blog fodder suspects:

- Went to Dallas a little over a week ago to see our new Niece. Parents and grandparents could not stop bringing up the factoid that the kid has broken previous height and weight records at the pediatric clinic. This is supposed to subtly hint that this kid is friggin' huge!

- My Mom and Step-Dad were in Illinois for my Mom's 40th high school reunion. Got to hang out with them, show off the dog, and have a grand old time. Next time they visit, I'm sending a map in advance.

- Both items above combined mean that I got to see both sets of parents within 1 week in any state except California. Just a random occurance that I never thought would occur.

- Monday was a happy day and a sad day for Wallace and Gromit fans.

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