August 27, 2005
Awesome Birthday Gift, by the way

Can you spot the discrepency in this photo?

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August 21, 2005
Too much travel?! Balderdash!

I will be making an unprecedented 3 trips to Michigan in September. The first will be over Labor Day to visit the Coffman clan and to celebrate the last days of Rayís innocence bacheloristic lifestyle. The second trip will be two weeks later for the actual wedding.

The third trip will actually be work-related. A week after the wedding, the UofM Engineering Career Fair will be held. Iím going to be there on 9/26 to help with the recruiting, which I havenít done in about 2 years. Iím actually looking forward to it, and it will be a good excuse to visit any of you Ann Arbor-ites while Iím in town on business. Iíll fly in either Saturday or Sunday (whichever turns out to be cheaperÖ probably Sunday).

Oh, and the next weekend we go down to Dallas to see our new niece, but thatís October.

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August 15, 2005
Grill Madness

Long time no bloggie. Lots of things have been going on recently, but not much of it has been blogworthy... or it's been all about the dog, which I'm sure you're sick of hearing about.

As Janine said, this weekend we had a BBQ at our house. The place has never looked more clean and organized than it did Saturday morning, and it was a good excuse to do a little home maintenance and complete the last finishing touches on some of our more recent home improvement projects.

The BBQ itself was good... people were here from 2pm all the way 'til 11pm. It was only something like 10 people that showed up, but it was still a good time. And we have a ton of burgers and hot dogs left over. Too bad I can't take the grill to work... or can I? *insert evil grin here*

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August 02, 2005
770 Days

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Tink!

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August 01, 2005
Wisconsin drivers suck

So the weekend of all weekends has come and gone in a flash. Orshi and Mike trip that we've been looking forward to for at least four months is now history... but the good kind.

Giants vs. Brewers baseball was the main theme of the weekend, but we still made time to sleep in, eat waffles, visit the Miller Brewery, share wedding photos, enjoy Cabo Wabo and Boulevard, tailgate, see new house photos, trying to find an Office Max in Kenosha, and generally having an awesome time... as always!

It was sad to see them drive off so early on Sunday morning, but we had an absolute blast and a few pictures to remember the weekend by.

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