July 28, 2005
Stuff for Today

A few items of note...

- This pilot tease was put together by a guy who wants to start a TV show about a group of guys who play Friday night hockey down at the local rink. I'm a hockey guy, this is a hockey related item, hence me posting it. Click through, grab a Molson, and enjoy the 5-minute show.

- Orshi has a new blog - Strange But Cute. Clicky, clicky!

- Orshi and Mike drive out tomorrow (!!!1!11!one!1!!)to visit and watch copious quantities of baseball. The SF Giants will be playing the Milwaukee Brewers, so it should be a good game. A side trip to the Miller Brewery should compliment our most recent brewery visit.

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July 25, 2005

We made it back from our grand adventure in camping and SCUBA diving alive, certified, and exhausted. Massive rain storm on Saturday between our first and second dives kept us out of the water for over two hours. Luckily, everything was fine and dry back at the campsite... except for the 2" of rain that had collected in our bucket. Quote of the weekend: "My dad says you're crazy."

Before setting camp, we drove the extra hour northwest to the Leinie Lodge and took a brewery tour. I was a giddy as a school girl the whole time. Janine kept giving me weird looks, but I told her she does the same thing at yarn stores. You can imagine what kind of looks I got after that remark.

One last parting thought; Thunderstorms look really cool from land, but are really creepy when you're 25 feet underwater and see nothing but dark grey above.

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July 19, 2005
Lots of driving

We were back in Michigan over the weekend for two things: 1) Wedding Shower for our soon-to-be sister-in-law, and 2) Working on Aunt Martha's new house. Lots of driving was involved (excellent traffic going through Chicago on this trip... both directions took under 5 hours), but overall it was a good trip.

Orshi's friends Kathy and Melinda stopped in Chicago on their way accross the country from CA to NY, so we drove into downtown yesterday to hang out, do a little shopping and have Uno's pizza with them. Fun was definitely had by all.

This weekend is our camping/SCUBA certification dives/Leinkugel brewery tour trip in Wisconsin. It's about 4 hours to the camp site, and another hour to the brewery beyond that. After this weekend, though, we'll know more about beer than we'd care to know and we'll be certified to SCUBA dive. Oh... and we'll probably be sick of driving for at least 2 weeks. ;-)

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July 13, 2005
NHL on Ice

The rumor mill was confirmed today; NHL and Player's Union Reach Deal

Now both sides need to focus on what matters most - getting fans in the door. Oh, and someone needs to tell Jeremy Roenick to shut the hell up!

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July 11, 2005

Just got back from back-2-back hockey games. The first was the finals of the Leisure League I play in... and my team won 2-1! To the victors: A banner that hangs in the hall of the rink, our signatures on an old milk pail, our team picture taken, and bragging rights.

The other game was a 4-4 tie for my Bronze League team's season-opener. Definitely not as exciting as game one.

I should hopefully have links to pictures later this week. I'll keep you posted.

**UPDATE** 9:31am

Here's the link to all of the pictures taken at last night's game. The ones with me in them are here, here, here, and here. The other goalie (Jimmy) had a much better game and some fantastic saves, ehce he gets more pictures.

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July 04, 2005

So, through the wonderful world of Flickr, I've been able to add a glimpse to the most recent pictures I've uploaded to my Flickr account. I know it's only two pictures... that's all that will fit in the right-hand bar. Just click through to see more photos.

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July 03, 2005
Still Alive & kicking

Still here. Just not blogging since most of my time recently has been dealing with work-related stuff... which is really boring.

Janine's folks are here right now, and we're having a great time with them. We went to Summerfest up in Milwaukee yesterday. Today's been some milling around the house, followed by a trip to the shoe store and a book store. Both trips were highly successful.

Now I'm about to head out and get a Chicago-style deep dish artichoke and garlic pizza from one of the lest local pizzerias I've ever had the luxury to visit. A frosty brewed beverage of some kind may also be in order.

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