June 21, 2005
Flickr Fanatik

After seeing my sister's photos on Flickr, I decided to give it a whirl and try it out.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the interface and how you can organize and group the photos together. It's a lot easier than doing it by hand on the blog, and it allows other people to search through the photos using descriptive tags. For instance, if I try to search for photos with the tag shiba or shiba inu, I get to peruse through a trough of Shiba Inu pictures... none as cute as Sydney, through.

The next step will be to connect the blog to my Flickr account. That'll happen when I feel motivated... later.

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June 12, 2005
Wickedly Awesome

So we saw the musical Wicked last night, and it was fantastic! It didn't feel like a cut-and-paste musical like some shows can be. This one felt truly original and imaginative. What was really cool was the way that the creators of the show tied and connected the whole musical back to the original Wizard of Oz story.

If you have any chance of seeing this show on Broadway or when the traveling troupe comes to your neck of the woods, go and see it.

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June 05, 2005
Finally... a Vacation!

Seattle was a blast. It's nice when a vacation can actually be a vacation instead of a trip that you call vacation but really turns into a lot of work running errands or seeing family. Not that those are bad things, but they just don't fit in the definition.

Overall, tons of food and beautiful weather were standard for the trip. Here's the day-to-day run-down of events:

Wednesday: Fly out. Almost miss flight due to traffic and checked luggage.
Thursday: Orca Whale watching cruise with stop on San Juan Island. Very cool!
Friday: Lots of hiking to two beautiful waterfalls.
Saturday: Waste half the day. Ohter half at vacation house on Puget Sound with bonfire.
Sunday: Pike's Market, giant donut, & Seattle Underground tour.
Monday: Bike & picnic at Chittenden Locks. Feed ducks near Shawn's House. Giant Eclare.
Tuesday: Fly home.

We thought about trying to head up to Vancouver, but we ran out of time and din't feel like driving the 2 hours each way. Maybe if we fly out there again during an NHL season, I might make the tirp alone if I have to...

Posted by Austin at 03:57 PM