May 27, 2004
742 Evergreen Terrace

I knew that there could possibly be more people in the world more obsessed with The Simpsons than me, but now there's proof. Let me introduce the Harvard-recognized Map of Springfield, USA.

Favorite Landmark: Matlock Expressway (not completed).
Biggest Revelation: The Simpsons live in the "Pressboard Estates" subdivision
Best Map Feature: The Monorail Route

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May 22, 2004
Start Building The Ark

I have two minds regarding this apocalyptic rain we're experiencing in the Midwest right now.

On one hand, I agree with Abby's view of these storms being absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. It would be nicer if it was during the daytime so you could see more of the storms, but the premise still remains.

Then there's the other half of my brain that worries if the car is locked and windows rolled up (yes and yes), are all the windows closed in the house (yes, is the power going to go out in the middle of this post (we'll see), is hail falling on my car while it's sitting outside while we have crap piled in the garage (probably not, but that's why we have insurance)... you see where I"m going with this.


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May 20, 2004

This morning did not feel like a Thursday. It should have been a Saturday. That way I could have slept in and tried to catch up on the ump-teen hours of sleep I've lost over the past few weeks. Travel, hockey, and early mornings do not work well when crammed so close together.

Janine and I were talking about how each day has it's own feel. It's hard to describe what makes a day feel like a Tuesday or a Sunday, besides the lack of an alarm clock or a commute. Is it something in the air, or is it just my internal calendar completely out of wack from a lack of sleep?

Work = Busy. I know you really don't care for the details, so I'll spare you the pain and leave it at that.

Janine already talked about it, but I had a blast in my new kayal last weekend. I love my new boat. It'll be fun to take it on some more interesting trips and rivers this summer. First, though, I need to build the wall racks so we can get the boats off the floor in the garage and put my car back in.

There's a post. Now I can stop feeling bad about the lack of new stuff on the blog.

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May 11, 2004
...Jiggity Jig

So I'm back... again. I'm beginning to wonder if I can even habitate one space without having to leave it every weekend while it turns into a secret training house for rogue commandos hell-bent on something mysterious. Like keeping Cobra Commander from making our milk go bad.

Anyway, Seattle was great! We had lots of fun hanging out with Shawn and helping him decorate his new digs. He's already posted a quick blog post about our little visit. I have to admit that I really like his new place and am a little jealous. ;-)

Now our next goal is to get through the wedding pictures and turn in the order this weekend. I know, I know... Why haven't we turned in the order yet?! Wasn't the wedding nine months ago?! Well, yes it was. Truth is, we've been lazy. We held it off until we got a call from the photo studio letting us know that there's a late fee and that we're about 6 months overdue with the order. So that lit the fire under our butts and now we're getting everything ready for Saturday. If tonight was any indication, though, we will need every night for the rest of the week to go through the photos... and more Kleenex.

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May 03, 2004
Home again, home again...

I made it back home last night, and it feels great to be home. Now all I have to do is get used to a US keyboard again and I should be all set. The 'A' key still freaks me out, and I'm finding that all of my hyphens and apostrophies are in completely different places than where I expect them. This may take a while.

First order of business for today is to fix my work computer. Then maybe do some debugging of our newest prototype (cross fingers that it arrives today), and then after-work hockey.

I have a ton of pictures from the trip, and I'll probably write up a *short* synopsis of the tirp for you later in the week. In the meantime, I'm gona get ready for work... and try to get used to this new thing called 'Time Zones'.

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