January 21, 2007

The Chicago Bears are Super Bowl bound! Yippie!!

Posted by Austin at 06:01 PM
January 16, 2007

I finally got around to posting pictures from our trip to California on flickr. Unfortunately we completely skipped on taking pictures of family (not that anyone was really keen on standing around for a family photo, anyway). Instead, I have a slew of pictures that we took during our day of cross-country skiing. Beautiful pictures and scenery just a day after a huge snow storm.

The big news of late is that I managed to hunt down a brand-new Nintendo Wii last week and have barely been able to keep down the remote. It's an awesome system, and the user interface with the wireless remote is intuitive and easy to use. Heck, our non-teckie neighbors came over on Sunday to give it a whirl and loved it. If you can find a Wii, buy it. You'll either love it or sell it on eBay.

As a side note, has anyone noticed the surprising abundance of Playstation3 systems?

Posted by Austin at 07:03 AM