October 10, 2006
Trip of a Lifetime

Plans and events are now in motion. Plane reservations are being made, trip itineraries are being looked at, and soon we will have plans in place to travel to Australia next year!

Janine still thinks I'm nuts for planning a trip to Australia this far in advance, but when this kind of trip is the vacation you've dreamed about, you tend to plan things out 11 months early.

Posted by Austin at 07:39 AM
October 01, 2006
Getin' Stuff Done

Feeling better this weekend. Thanks for asking.

Productivity has been the theme of this weekend. The bathroom remodel project is finally done! I just finished up the last repainting touches around the trim and door, and the whole room looks great. I think we nailed the 'spa' feel we were trying to go for in the first place.

We also did a lot of cleaning up, decluttering, and throwing away of stuff in our bathroom, bedroom and office. There's probably more work needed to completely decrapulate the office area, but it's a start.

It's always nice to be able to knock off stuff on the to-do list... the shorter the better!

Posted by Austin at 09:09 PM