February 28, 2005
Things to remember...

- Owing lots of money to the Fed is not fun.

- Going to the dog park is a good way to tucker out the pup for the next day and a half.

- 2 hockey games back-to-back + 80 ounces of H2O and Gatorade = VERY upset stomach

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February 27, 2005
Productivity 101

So this morning I've had breakfast, read the newspaper, started a few loads of laundry, read my daily clicks, ordered a water softener, and changed the oil in both cars by myself... and it's only coming up on 11am.

I hate not being able to sleep past 6:30am on a Sunday morning.

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February 23, 2005
Instant Love




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February 22, 2005
Top 100 Gadgets

So PC World put together a list of the Top 100 Gadgets of All Time. Yup... of all time.

It's an interesting read, even if it is a little bold of PC World to decide what's hot and what's not. They've got the abacus on there, and what's a gaget list without a sextant?!

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February 21, 2005
Techno meets Atari

Somehow I managed to stumble accross the 8-bit Construction Set. It's a group of guys who had nothing better to do than create electronic music using a fossilized programming language and vinyl.

The second link has a couple of tracks available for downloads, and I highly suggest you listen - if only for the 'freaky' factor.

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Too much driving, not enough sleep

Wedding festivities have come and gone. It was a long Saturday with two weddings and one reception, but things went relatively smoothly. Nine people were left when the reception ended at 8pm... and 6 of the 9 were me and my immediate family-in-law. At that point there was still a keg and a half of beer left, so the only logical thing to do was take it all back to the Coffman Club and spend the rest of the night killing the 1/2 barrel. Ya can't let good beer go to waste now, can you?

After waking up with a headache (thanks in-part to a portion of the previously-mentioned 1/2 barrel), we drove back to Chicago to complete our 3rd round trip to Michigan in 6-or-so weeks. Needless to say, we're taking a little hiatus from road trips until the ass marks work themselves out of the car seats.

Two good results of this most recent road trip - New battery terminal wiring (it's a long story involving tape, yarn, and only 2 trips to AutoZone) and the knowledge that my car passed 126k miles with flying colors.

Now we're going to spend some quality time at home relaxing and playing with the dog. Oh... and a heaping spoonful of hockey! I especially like that last one. ;-)

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February 17, 2005
Hear them bells ring

It's the year of weddings for us. So far we have 3 on the schedule, and we're part of all three. This schedule is nothing compared to Abby's 2003 schedule, but it's a lot for us given our wedding attendance history.

This weekend is the first of the bunch - Stevie & Jen. It should be an interesting weekend, but I'm going to do my part and just lurk in the shadows and pop out in my tux when required.

My bride actually has her B-Day on Saturday. The same day as the wedding. Yup... the same day. One event may overshadow the other at the moment, but I have ideas for how to celebrate... *insert evil laugh here*

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February 16, 2005
It's Official

He's going for number seven.

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You know it's a bad sign when your mother complains that you don't have anything on your web blog. So, back by popular demand... me!

I *heart* hockey. I played last night, and I have another game tonight with a new team in a higher-level league. I'm looking forward to tonight, since the speed of the game goes up in this league and feels more natural. It ain't NHL, but it's good enough for me.

Speaking of NHL, I'm mildly concerned about the whole contract thing. There's a real chance that the rest of the season will be canceled at noon today and that there won't be any NHL hockey at all this year. This from a sport that was on an upswing in the last decade and was about to come out of a slump... until a lockout in '94 brought all of that to a screeching halt. Now the two sides are bickering like maladjusted step-siblings, unable to agree on anything and indifferent to the word 'compromise'.

Rumors have it that if they cancel the season this year, next year they'll open up the league to replacement players from the feeder leagues (AHL, IHL, OHL, etc.) at greatly-reduced salaries and benefits, slamming the door in current NHL players' collective faces.

When I think about this, all I can imagine is the horror of Keanu Reeves starring in a sequel to this. It makes me cry inside.

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