March 27, 2005
The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good
Extended weekend with the 'rents was great! They had fun, we had fun, and all was well. We all got to do a little shopping, a little cooking, and a lot of hanging out. They had to leave at 5:15am this morning to catch their respective planes, but other than that the weekend went without a hitch. Also, this was a pretty good show, and this was an awesome restaurant!

The Bad
This was a weird movie. Audrey Tautou was great in Amelie, but so far she's only batting one for three in movies we've seen.

The Ugly
Whatever you do, never, ever see this. A very poor political statement, and a worse movie that should have been 'Straight to Trash Can' instead of video.

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March 24, 2005
Level 9 Dust Alert

So with the 'rents coming into town (and with a good snowstorm about to greet them), Janine and I have spent a majority of the past week cleaning the house from stem to stern like the white glove of doom was approaching. We've cleaned and organized most anything we could think of, and hid the rest of it from sight for another day. The Roomba's been sprinting all over the house to the point of exhaustion... if robot vacuums could feel exhaustion, that is.

Some other interesting news that was dropped on my today. My sis was offered a job with none other than Google, Inc. Yup, my sister is a soon-to-be Googlite! Maybe now she'll start using her GMail account a little more. ;-)

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March 23, 2005
So much for regular updates

Things have been busy around here this week. Work is keeping both me and Janine occupied, and we've been making an effort to clean up the house in preparation for a visit from my Dad & Step-Mom. Yup... they're coming in to town to visit starting tomorrow!

Plans for this weekend are very open but include an historical skyscraper walking tour, possibly a trip down to the MoS&I, tickets to Defending the Caveman, and - of course - shopping!

Other than that and a proverbial shit-ton of hockey, things are pretty much normal and uninteresting. Hopefully I'll find something mildly interesting to post about later. Hopefully.

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March 12, 2005
Mr. Handyman

Today was a good day for small home-improvement projects in the most manly room of all - the garage. I added a shelf above the workbench for a stereo and other assorted goodie storage, changed out the old 60-Watt lighbulb fixture for a more suitable 80 Watts of flourescent pleasure, hung up all of the old license plates from the various states we used to live in (California, Michigan, Confusion, etc.), and generally cleaned up my workplace. It's now a room fit for... well, me!

Janine has officially gone knit-crazy. She's spent most of the afternoon and evening learning how to knit a sock, which I must admit looks pretty complex and cool. I blame my mother for this.

I believe that, based on the experiences of the past week or so, that video chat via AIM will now be the official format of communication for the Moore family. I don't know how long it'll last, but for now it's still got that novelty feel to it that makes it cool!

Other than that, things are pretty much normal or uninteresting. I'll let you know if anything else exciting happens.

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March 07, 2005

So this is either the funniest video ever, or flamebait for PETA. Take yer pick.

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March 05, 2005
Spin Cycle

Proverbial shit-ton of landry washed, dried, folded & put away? Check

Mail-in rebates from TurboTax? Check

Helped Daddy with long-distance computer issues? Check

Prepped for step-mom's quick visit tomorrow & hockey right after? Check

Ready to go to bed? Check

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March 02, 2005

Now that I have your attention...

Baskin Robbins is giving away a free scoop of ice cream today to celebrate Yahoo!'s 10th Anniversary. Don't ask me why Yahoo! is getting mixed up with 31 Flavors, but when the word 'free' is involved I generally don't care.

The skinny is that the deal is only good for today (March 2nd), you need to be a registered Yahoo! user (who isn't?), and you need to go here to sign in and print out a coupon.


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March 01, 2005
Officially an Obsession

Kids, don't try this at work... unless you have a spare hour to kill before lunch.

If you must know, I got the design from here.

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