July 30, 2008
Best Craigslist Ad Ever

Looking for a lawn mower? Check this one out!

Posted by Austin at 12:44 PM
July 27, 2008
Growing Grass

As some of you know, our yard was basically a lump of clay... literally. No lawn, no trees, just a baren wasteland complete with its own tumbleweeds. Some weeds can grow in it, but our "dirt" was anything but.

As part of our continuing series on home improvement, we needed to put some kind of landscaping down in only to be able to enjoy the land instead of just pointing to it and saying "That pile of weeds and barren land is ours!" That never really impressed the neighbors.

The work we've done in the past weeks has, however, turned quite a few heads in the neighborhood. We hired a landscape contractor to come in and grade the lots and put very nice top soil down, but the grass planting and watering were left in our capable hands (along with a little help from Janine's folks). We're now the happy owners of about 3/4-acre of hay-covered grass-seeded land, complete with a watering system that would shame and confuse even the mightiest of engineering minds.

To see some pictures of the magic, head over here...

Posted by Austin at 06:47 PM