August 31, 2006
Where you been?

Been busy, but I've also meant to give you wonderful peoples an update on life in the 'burbs and beyond!

- I was in Germany last week for a customer visit. Was in the country for a whopping 50 hours, but it was still an okay trip. Still pissed that I couldn't bring any duty free liquor back with me.

- We've been working on remodeling our bathroom; new paint, new countertop, tile floor, new trim, and new light fixture. The only things left are to install the trim, put the toilet back, and then wait for the light fixture (deliver not expected 'til end of Sept., damnit).

- Janine is now registered and orientated for grad school. I just wanted to use the word 'orientated' because it pisses her off. ;-)

- We're driving out to Michigan this weekend. Yay for extended weekends!

- We're also going to California in the middle of September for a 4-day trip. Going to see friends, family, and go to my parent's wine bottling party. The trick after that will be figuring out how to get the wine back on the plane.

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August 06, 2006
Shiba FAQ

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