June 27, 2006

Janine got her acceptance notice to University of Chicago, thus comleting the hat trick. Her first choice was Kellogg, so it looks like we may be on track to see some Big Ten football over the next few years.

I'm not sure how I'll feel with her wearing purple, though. Maize and Blue still run through these veins...

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June 20, 2006
Masters in Motion
Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business Management has hereby announced that Janine rocked our socks and is indeed worthy to pay us ungodly sums of money for the privilege to attend our university.

The best part is that this was her #1 choice, so the wait to hear this news was... well, stressful doesn't even begin to describe it.

We threw a small party last night, complete with streamers, a lei, small plastic horn, and champagne that was bought specifically for this occasion. The wait is over, but now the fun begins!

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June 14, 2006
Now Hear This
By decree of the Loyola University Graduate Admissions Council, it is hereby noted that Janine has been accepted to the Masters in Business Administration program of Loyola University, with all the rights, privileges, honors and student debt thereto pertaining to this decree.

Translation: Janine was accepted to the MBA program at Loyola.

One down, two to go... Congratz, babe!

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June 06, 2006
Sweet Sweden

Made it to Gothenburg tonight from London. Last time I was here it was December, and it was cold but still lovely. Now it's June and beautiful.

On the approach in to the airport, you get a really good look at the terrain. Green trees surround the mountainous landscape, clear lakes spread throughout. The drive in is also beautiful, driving through the forrests and rocky mountain walls. It may be ten at night, but the sunlight lasts for so long (Sunset @ 10pm, Sunrise @ 3:30am) that it feels like 6pm.

I get to meet the customer tomorrow. This should get interesting...

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Where's that boy now?

Would you believe London?

Okay, okay... really, I'm in Basingstoke, a suburb of London about 30 miles west. I've been here since Monday morning. I'm at our UK base of operations, and I'm finally able to meet people I've only worked with either by phone or email. It's always nice to put a face to a name... even if the face is never what you expect.

I'm in the office for a few more hours, then I'm headed back to Heathrow airport to jet set north to Sweden, when I have an all-expensed-paid visit with a customer to try and solve a nasty riddle; How do you solve a problem that is not clear or repeatable? There's a bit of pressure riding on this trip, so hopefully I'll be able to swing in to action and save the day... I hope.

In other news, Janine's GMAT scores became official yesterday. Not only did she get a 700 (93rd Percentile), but she scored a perfect 6.0 (96th Percentile) on the written essays. Woot!

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