January 12, 2006
Your Alpha Bravo Charlies

So I've decided to try and learn the police and military version of the ABC's. You know... Alpha, Bravo, something, something...

I've used my own little variants for years, but they always sound really weird or dumb. "Umm... the record locator is Xylaphone, Cucumber, Door, Celery." is a summarization of how bad I can be with this stuff.

So, for the record, here's the semi-official alphabet.


So far I have problems remembering Golf, Hotel, Juliet, November, Oscar, Quebec, Sierra, and Whiskey. Others tend to fade in and out, too, but these are the ones that I'll remember, then forget, look up and remember, then forget again.

I know this is pretty much useless, but I still want to learn it.

Posted by Austin at 10:28 PM
Pick a price

So I'm planning to head out and visit Mike and Orshi in Aberdeen, South Dakota. You might wonder why in the hell I'd ever want to go to BFE in the winter. Let's just say that I have spare vacation I need to burn and they could use the visit.

Aberdeen is a 'large' enough town to have its own regional airport. It's only serviced by one airline - Northwest. Last week I perused 'round their website looking at airfares and was able to find a plethora of options for about $285. Not cheap, but not bad.

On Wednesday I went back to look again and purchase the ticket, and the prices didn't just go up, they nearly doubled. $550 was not the going rate for the same flights that, only a day and a half prior, were actually within reason. Even flight combos 3 days before and after had made the same astronomical jump.

I've seen Northwest do this repeatedly over the years, and it pisses me off to no end. All airlines have done this to one level or another, but only Northwest has make hikes like these.

Regardless, I'm still going. I can still fly to an airport a few hours away, or even make the 12-hour drive. I have been itching for a road trip. ;-)

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January 11, 2006
Somehow I always mention travel

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Again. And I was starting to get somewhat normal with posting.

Things are good in the land of Me. Busy at work, not enough time in the day, sick of having this, and full of hockey, but good.

Some major news is that I'll be doing a lot of travel over the next few weeks. Next week I fly out to France for a work trip to our factory (I always enjoy these trips 'cause the guys in France are awesome, especially when they invite you to their house for a wine bottling party).

After that I'm going to make a trip (either driving or flying, not sure which yet) to South Dakota to visit some friends who could use it.

Then, after all of that, a trip to Michigan for a friend's wedding will ring in the start of February.

Oh, and we're going to Hawaii... but that's not 'til April. Shawn's coming along, too!

Ya think I travel a 'bit too much?

Posted by Austin at 07:22 AM