December 21, 2003
Me + A Little Free Time = ...

Direct from Deesta's post, here's my edition of the (in)famous One Hundred Things list. As the directions go, items in bold are things we have in common. Items not in bold are my own.

01. i love cards.
02. I don't like to write letters when I'm home.
03. My favorite letter writing spot is the Fox & Obel Cafe while sipping tea.
04. My favorite letter was written on a s'leven receipt.
05. i have acute attention to detail.
06. Sometimes I get so focused on work that I don't feel like eating.
07. I hate when people type in all caps online.
08. I hate netspeak. Just type normally and entirely spell out the words; it's NOT hard.
09. accents are sexy.
10. i am more in love now than ever before.
11. It annoys me when people tell me I'm too young to be married.
12. I'm happy.
13. i love cheesecake.
14. I believe in karma.
15. I like being 6-foot tall.
16. Britney Spears is a no-talent hack who i'd never mention in my journal if it weren't for the instructions.
17. i love my car. She just had her 100k-day!
18. I feel like I can be tricked into trust over and over again.
19. I don't like fighting. Any form of it makes me uneasy and disturbed.
20. I like to be the mediator.
21. I hate letting people see me cry.
22. it takes a lot to make me cry.
23. I love music.
24. I'm afraid that I like VH1 more than MTV, but maybe it's because VH1 actually plays freakin' music videos!!
25. I like traveling, especially to places I've never been. (I know that sounds redundant)
26. I've had issues with religion since elementary school.
27. I used to say that I was Jewish, and for a while I even believed myself.
28. It took me until college to start living my life for myself instead of others.
29. My skin became very dry this winter, and lotion only seems to help a little.
30. I miss the 'loopy light'. I think I lost it when I turned 20.
31. The first time I tasted beer, I hated it. I drank half a can and thought I was going to puke.
32. i shave daily.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I wear a lot of clothing purchased in the guys' department because I am a guy.
35. Most loads of laundry I've done in one day: 8.
36. I've never gone through my blog archives reliving past posts.
37. I know someone that plays video games at work. I don't care though - it's a good stress reliever.
38. fucking with the people i love is not a good idea.
39. I have two types of stationary - Sanrio and something with ducks on it.
40. my favorite color for undergarments is black, but all of mine are white.
41. I like giving people things.
42. I like getting things, too.
43. I used to have an army of stuffed animals when I was a kid.
44. I think I've only bought two Tigger things in my life. The rest are all gifts.
45. I'm a difficult person to buy for.
46. I'm sorry.
47. i [almost] never make spelling errors, just bad typos.
48. I enjoy my type-o's, especially when others catch them and twist them into a good joke.
49. Auto-Format and that damn paper clip in MS Word can kiss my ass!
50. I may be a closet Mac convert.
51. I used to have a 'donut thursday' during high school.
52. Carl's Jr. is my favorite fast food joint.
53. I sometimes wonder why I ever bought yearbooks.
54. I will forever be a 'band-o'.
55. My favorite part of back-to-school shopping was the office supply store.
56. i hate having my faults pointed out to me.
57. But sometimes it turns into a good thing.
58. I own a PS2 that I don't abuse nearly enough.
59. i am damn tired of receiving spam emails.
60. I heart Google pop-up blocker toolbar.
61. i am infinitely different now than i was back then.
62. And I can remember how I was.
63. My favorite pizza is Anthony's of Ann Arbor.
64. I can't stand it when people are rude to me.
65. There are only two people in the world I would initiate a fight with sight-on-scene.
66. My favorite instrument - the french horn.
67. I enjoy driving aimlessly, yet I don't do it enough.
68. especially at night.
69. my favorite road is huron river drive.
70. You know the freshman 15? I never gained it... I lost it.
71. i am excited about christmas this year.
72. Certain CDs and artists remind me of drives to Tahoe.
73. If I ever had to move back to California, I'd only want to live there.
74. I'm strangely proud of my shot glass collection.
75. I hate buying clothes.
76. I heart TiVo.
77. I'm not a big Pop music fan, but I enjoy it in the right environment.
78. I might read one or two books a year.
79. I've had a professional manicure.
80. I wish I could nap at work.
81. I regret not (ab)using the ocean while I lived so close to it.
82. I wear jeans to work every day.
83. i love ann arbor.
84. I also love Chicago.
85. My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.
86. Extremely religious people really annoy me.
87. Sometimes my family is included in that list.
88. I've never seen Casablanca.
89. There are a lot of movies I haven't seen that make people stop in their tracks.
90. I've only found my favorite arcade game in one arcade.
91. Favortie Ice Cream - Baskin Robbins Egg Nog.
92. I usually cannot connect celebrity names and faces.
93. one hundred things is an awful lot, don't you think? (agreed)
94. 500 feet is not a ski mountain. It's a ski stump!
95. I have a crown.
96. I used to love playing paintball.
97. I want to become a hockey goalie.
98. i am in dire need of a nap.
99. but no matter how hard I try, I usually can't.
100. This is the last thing I could think of...

Posted by Austin at 09:46 PM
December 18, 2003
What does the li'l birdie say?

The break room. That ever-so-popular room with the vending machines with candy and pop, a fridge or two, a sink, and the holy grail of break room lore - the coffee machine.

When we first moved into this new building last December, the coffee machine was actually nice. There were at least four different kinds of flavored coffees, a decaf selection, and a dozen varieties of Bigelow tea. I probably drank 2-3 cups of tea every day for a few months... and most people know I'm not the biggest tea drinker.

Then the cuts came.

During the summer they announced (read: put a small sign above the mahcine) that they would be 'slimming' down the break room ammenities. There would no longer be multiple flavors of coffee - only one. You like decaf? Bring your own, 'cause they ain't buying it anymore. Tea? Umm... we have Lipton.

So this is how it's been. Bad coffee that only true junkies drink and one kind of tea that needs doctoring by 5 sugar packets. But it's free.

Until today.

Signs posted to the cabinets in the room announce that there will no longer be free coffee or tea in the break room. Instead they're putting new vending machines on the odd floors. Considering that I work on an even floor, this really bunches my knickers. When companies start taking away a basic amenity such as plain ol' coffee, they've crossed an invisible line that just shouldn't be crossed.

I know this is an incredibly long post about something pretty benign, and I don't even drink the coffee 'cause it's so bad, but it's just a sad day when your CEO makes a few million dollars, yet you can't afford coffee for the masses.

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December 09, 2003


Li'l Blue is now an official member of the Six-Figure Club. Woo Woo!!!

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December 08, 2003

Trying to find some way to share our X-mas decorations, we're inviting a few of my friends from work for dinner this Firday. Nothing too big or fancy, but it will be nice to finally show off the house to some of my friends. One friend Janine's already met and knows well. The other she hears stories about through me, but has never met him. He does, however, remind her of some strange theme song.

I'm also in a slight cleaning mood. Organizing counters, moping the kitchen, laundry... What can I say; I'm a neat freak.

Things are quiet now. She falls asleep on the couch at 8:30, and I come upstairs to kill time online and rip CDs into iTunes. I search for thoughts to post about, but recently my mind hasn't been able to put the random synapses into words. It wants to say something, almost scream, but it just can't find a way to put 26 letters together to make any sense.

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December 05, 2003
While watching old Muppet Shows on DVD...
Me: He sounds a lot like my dad. Janine: Who? Paul Simon? Me: No! The duck!
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