November 27, 2002
News Story of The Day

You'd think those silly Italians would have known what was inside...

Posted by Austin at 04:46 PM

So Neener and I will be flying down south to Texas for Turkey Day (a.k.a. Thanksgiving) to see my 7-month pregnant step-sister and her hubby. The bad news - he's an avid tOSU fan (even though he never went to the damn school), and he loves to poke fun at me. The good news - I've got Janine to help double-team him.

Hubby: Ya know how I kept telling you how Michigan sucked this year?
Me: Yeah, but did I tell you how our Michigan doesn't need "tutors" to pass classes like Underwater Basket Weaving or Rioting and Looting 101?
J9: Don't forget Bonfires 203 and Proper Ways to Tip Cars!
Me: Oh, yeah. And we don't even offer Tear Gas - The Lie.

Now, if I could only be as funny in real life...

Posted by Austin at 03:15 PM
November 25, 2002
In The News...

Apparently there is no way to make tOSU students happy. Win or loose, the ending is still the same.

In lighter news, it turns out that Midland is famous for something other than Dow and... umm... other stuff. ;-)

That's it for now, kiddies. I'm gonna get out of here and head home. First, though. I'd better go check my on my couch and make sure it's not smoldering... ;-)

Posted by Austin at 04:46 PM
November 21, 2002

So, in my last post I mentioned I thought I'd drive. Well, instead I decided to take public transit. I don't know if it was a good move or not, considering that 1) I had to get somebody to pick me up from a stop 1 mile away from where I work, 2) it took 2 hours to get here, and 3) I had to spend a half hour finding a car because I had to go off-site for a last-minute emergency.

The good news - the web site says it's already taking an hour twenty to get back into the city. I can get home about as slowly on the CTA, and it's a lot more relaxing than the stop-and-go hoo-hah of the Kennedy.

Oh... and Janine's on her way. Neither sleet nor snow nor cute little monkeys could keep that girl from coming out this weekend!

Posted by Austin at 04:29 PM

So the TV and the web site all say the same thing - it's taking an hour and a half to get from downtown to the airport... At 8:30am... And I'm still at home... and it's too late to take public transit.

Now the question arrises - should I say fuck the day or just get on the road. I'd prefer the former, but sine we have a delivery to get out today I'm thinking the latter... *crap*

Posted by Austin at 08:20 AM
November 20, 2002

I had a funny thought last night that I wanted to blog about today... but my short-term memory decided to go through a regularly-scheduled core dump, so I have no fricking clue what I wanted to post about.

Got my hair cut today. Actually, I got a whole lot of 'em cut. I'm purty!

Definitely looking forward to the second of two 3-day weekends in a row... especially in Chicago. We've got BlueManGroup, The Ringling Brother's Circus is in town, and we may even have a few college buddies in the city this weekend, too. Fun, fun, fun!!

Okay, back to work. Gotta get units ready to go to the customer, and everyone (like me) is on their toes trying to take care of last-minute fires. Thank goodness FedEx is open until 9pm tomorrow night... we may need that time.

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November 18, 2002
Your Standard 18-hour Work Day

This weekend was a blast! Hockey, golf, go-carts, laser tag, arcade games, and good snuggling time with the girl! Those are the kind of weekends I wish for. ;-)

Abby and Steve-o stayed at my place last night, and we had fun. Suprisingly enough, everyone slept well, including Ms. Insomiac! Steve #1 is interviewing for a job as a teacher in Hawaii. I'd personally want to be a kayak or scuba tour guide, but landing a teaching job is another way to get on the island.

In other news, this week will be a complete reversal of the weekend. Lots of crap to get done... "and we need it by Thursday." I've got the workload of about 3 engineers and I've got 4 days to complete it. First, I need to find a caffeeine IV and a good vein.

Only good thing - Everything's due Thursday... 'cause like hell I'm gonna be here Friday. I've got other plans.

Posted by Austin at 02:28 PM
November 11, 2002
The numbers don't lie

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. If I had to put it into numbers it would probably add up a little something like this:

- 1 torrential rain storm in Ann Arbor,
- 3 tanks of gas,
- 3 DJ appointments,
- 2 of which sucked,
- 4 DJs on tape,
- 1 of which was decent,
- 14 hours of sleep,
- 20 hours of driving,
- 1000+ miles,
- And about 200 square feet of tile and grout.

I believe that this is the reasoning behind this post. I'm gonna need some ideas on how to take advantage of a whole 2 days specifically centered around "me". Any ideas?

Posted by Austin at 05:46 PM
November 08, 2002

So I finally saw some yokles playing Foosball at Shawn's work. It a pretty impressive stream of video...

...but, then again, how many people are actually sucking bandwidth and watching this at the same time I am?

Anywho... I'm still waiting to see Shawn kick some ass... err, foos in this case.

Posted by Austin at 12:02 PM
November 07, 2002
Oh... and I'm crazy, too

One more thing... So I'm planning on driving out to Michigan tomorrow, back to Chicago on Sunday, and then repeating the whole process the following weekend.

Damned if the oil cartels don't love me!

Posted by Austin at 10:25 PM
Tastes Like Burning

So last night I decided to go out and have some fun. During a work night?! you might scream? Well, yeah... they do let me out of my cage every now and again....

Anyway, we ended up going to a place called Buffalo Wild Wings, a nation-wide chain of very notable restaurants. Their main claim to fame - wings. Lots of them, and 12 different flavors to choose from from mild to thai.

Anyway, someone decided to order a plate of Blazin wings... the hottest sauce on the menu. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I decided to go for it and dive in. So... I take a bite. It's spicy, tastes good, but not too hot...

But then my mouth caught up with my brain. It said it was on fire, and a whole lotta pain. I tried to calm the bonfire in my mouth with water and some of the 69-ounces of beer I drank that evening, but to no avail... heck, I even went for the celery and bleu cheese, but I could barely even taste it.

In the end, it was a fun evening of jokes, beer, wings, and the shared pain of Blazin' wings. I think I'll just stick to mild from now on, though...

*wince* My lips are still complaining!

Posted by Austin at 10:23 PM
November 03, 2002

Sorry for lack of blog activity. Not too much blog-worthy, and I haven't been in much of a blog mood recently.

I had a bunch of little kids trick-or-treating in my building on Halloween. I had one kid dressed up in a white t-shirt with red spots on it (blood stains, duh) and a fake pistol.
Me: So, what are you supposed to be?
Kid (in fake scratchy voice): Well... umm... I was in the war... but I came back... staggers back a few steps, clutches chest in fake pain
Me: Uh huh... just take the Snickers, k?

In other news, Janine was out here this weekend. You don't wanna know how much moolah we dropped this weekend... but I think it could have equalled the GDP of some third-world African Nation.

Now's the point where I post this, shut down the computer and go to sleep only to wake up 6 hours later... umm... how about now.... no? Then... umm...

... now.

Posted by Austin at 10:34 PM