September 28, 2002
And the point was?

So I was thinking about writing a blog about work and how busy I am soldering (the L is silent) and how I'm going to Texas next week but I'm pissed that I don't know when I'm going and that is throwing all of my plans with Janine next weekend up in the air...

...but then I realized I could sum it up in one really long sentence if I tried and move on with something completely different.

I spoke to my Dad on the phone today, and obviously the topic of the wedding came up. For the first time since I even brought up the idea of getting married (let alone telling him I proposed), he actually sounded happy and confident about the idea.

I told him about all of the planning and research we're doing, how much stuff we're actually making on our own, and what we're planningfor a ceremony. He was honestly impressed, and he made it known. "And her I am thinking your sister was heavily involved in her wedding..." was part of what he said.

This was important to me. For the first time I actually feel like my Dad is proud of me getting married; That I actually have his blessing. For a long time I've had this feeling that my parents, while supportive, would never fully accept the idea of me getting married. Until today I thought that wall would never be broken.

I'm glad I was wrong.

Now... if I could only see my fiancee...

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September 26, 2002
Going... going...

It looks like the old energy trader Enron is getting traded itself... on the auction block. They've got stuff from Herman Miller chairs to 50" Plasma TVs, and even the Big "E" is up for auction.

I think I could use a new coffee table...

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September 22, 2002

So.. umm.. yeah. I haven't done anything to the site, but I haven't had much time recently to do much of anything. I promise I'll get to it... even I'm getting sick of the white-on-off-white theme.

So currently I'm in Michigan visiting Janine, attending a wedding, celebrating three different birthdays, and recruiting for my company at the U of M Career Fair. The sweet part - because I was already coming out here for a wedding, work is paying for me to fly out here, rent a car for 5 days and stay in a hotel when I'm recruiting. I love my company! ;-)

Soon I'll be headed out to Ann Arbor to do some last-minute gift shopping, and then we'll have a small Coffman-esque party before Janine and I head up to Midland to hang out.

Anybody doing anything special on Monday afternoon? Wanna try to get together... or something? I'm free up until about 4pm or so. Let me know, peoples!

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September 17, 2002
And the Oblivious Award goes to...

So I came accross this story involving a Rugby player and a missing tooth. The summary - It took a full month to realize that he had an opposing player's tooth lodged in his arm!

I know those guys loose teeth like nobody's business, but this is just a little more bizzare than that. I mean, how the hell can you not notice you have a frickin' tooth embedded in your arm?!

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September 16, 2002

I've been oogling my page from work whenever I get a chance, trying to get ideas for colors, fonts, other extras I can throw in, etc... Wow! This is exciting!

Feel free to submit any ideas you want. I finally have comments, too!

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September 15, 2002
I'm SO cool!

It only took me another half-hour or so, but I was able to find a Perl script to do something extra-funky! See if you can guess what it is...

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So... here's my new home. Things are definitely still under construction, but after 8 hours of playing around with Photoshop and HTML, I think I'm done for today. Heck, I even skipped dinner for you people!

Okay, it's off to bed for me... but first a little more tinkering... ;-)

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