June 07, 2008
This is a Vacation?!

I decided to take two weeks off between jobs in order to take a break and work on the house. The past week was anything but a vacation, but at least it was productive.

- Installed a storm door on the front door.
- Graded my yard and added 66 square yards of dirt with a rented tractor. Waiting for massive storms to subside before putting compost and grass seed down.
- Buried the rain gutters underground.
- Wired the garage for more power!
- Wired the living room for 7.1 surround sound!
- Requested quotes for an asphalt driveway approach for us and 6 of our neighbors.
- Went to Home Depot and Menard's an average of once per day.
- Bought the lot next door to use as greenspace (We'll soon own 0.7 acres... we're land barrons, baby!)

I'm not quite done yet with the list of things I want to get done, but I think I'll need a vacation from my vacation pretty soon!

Posted by Austin at June 07, 2008 10:00 AM

That sounds a lot like our vacations and 3-day weekends... It's tiring, but at the end of the exhausting work, you feel pretty good.
:) keep the ibuprofen nearby!!!

Posted by: Abi on June 15, 2008 08:19 PM
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