April 25, 2006
Vacation Time!!

We're finally going on vacation tomorrow. Maui for 6 days is a well-deserved and overdue break from the hustle and hurry of the constant grind that is work. SCUBA diving, snorkeling, sunning, and general relaxation are all on tap for the week.

The interesting part is that we won't be alone for this trip. The first part of our trip overlaps with my parents trip (funny... I have to travel 4000 miles to see my parents when they live only 2000 miles away), and the latter half will feature a visit from Shawn. No better place than Maui for a meet-up!

Oh, as for the job stuff... I'm still employed and working, and the current plans have me still employed and staying put in my building. The sale isn't closed and done yet, but the goal is to complete everything by mid-summer. I'll keep you posted on any juicy tid-bits.

Posted by Austin at April 25, 2006 09:28 AM
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