December 05, 2005
It's really 12:50pm!

Welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden. Local time is about 12:50pm. Chicago time is 5:50pm. My internal clock is nowhere near either and will probably be out of whack for the next few days. Good thing Europeans drink coffee the same way they chain-smoke!

Overall the travel wasn't that bad. The worst part was the connection in Brussels was a little over 30 minutes; enough for me to make it through immigration and get to the plane, but not enough for my luggage to follow me. The good news is that there are two other flights from Brussels to Gothenburg today, so I'll probably have my luggage by tonight.

The hotel is pretty nice. They have WiFi, they upgraded me to the "Club Level" where I'm on the top (5th) floor, I get a free breakfast, and a slightly larger room. I also get access to a workout room, which I think I'll take advantage of to try and combat jet lag... as soon as my luggage follows me here, anyway.

Definitely more blogging to come. I'm trying to find some neat pictures, but so far there's not too much that's exciting except the soccer stadium. I'll keep my eyes peeled for cool stuff.

Posted by Austin at December 05, 2005 05:47 AM
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