March 26, 2004
Mr. Fix-it

So with Janine safely out of range of any internet connection, I can post what I've been doing all week to the house.

1) As I've already posted, I finished ripping all of our CDs. We now have enough music in AAC format to survive a nuclear fallout.

2) We've had some nice green curtains in the bedroom since we moved in, but it was just a couple of fuzzy pieces of fabric on a wodden dowel that didn't match the bedroom furniture. I decided to put my interior designer's hat on and made a run to Bed Bath & Beyond for some nice crushed-cotton sheer curtains and a green 'scarf' to accent the curtains that were already there. Add in a pair of holdbacks, and you've got yourself one fine-looking window. No photos yet, but I may put 'em up if the mood strikes me this weekend.

3) We bought a new faucet for the guest bath a long time ago, but we didn't put it in because we assumed we'd change out the sink and cabinet first. A few months ago we came to the conclusion we weren't going to put in the effort to change it out, so it was okay to just swap out the hardware. It's a really nice brushed-platinum looking faucet and drain assembly that I did all by myself. Good thing I had some spare plumbers putty in the toolbox!

4) The last thing was to replace the ugly chandalier in the stairwell. Within the first week of moving in we went to Menards and bought new light fixtures for the kitchen and stairwell. The kitchen one went up immediately, but the other has sat in it's box in the garage for over six months. The problem - a 13' ceiling and no ladder to get up that high. The solution - Renting an 8' ladder from the Ace Hardware down the street and a little electrical luck. The result is a whole lot more light and a very slick look. I also managed to re-caulk the window up there, too!

So that was my handyman work for the week. Not too bad, eh?

Posted by Austin at March 26, 2004 02:31 PM

very impressive.

Posted by: abby on March 27, 2004 12:58 PM
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