March 22, 2004
Missin' my girl

So this week Janine and I have, in a way, switched roles. Usually I'm the one who leaves for a business trip away from home, but this time she's the one traveling. Traverse City, MI, and some manufacturing training will keep her busy for the rest of the week. The house and I, on the other hand, get to have some special time together.

The Mac and I have been spending a lot of time together recently, too. Together we've been tackling the huge box of CDs and jewel cases just itching to be ripped to ACC and stored on the G5's hard drive. Currently I'm up to 3134 songs and 11.48GB of memory - enough music to last 8 days and 18 hours straight! Surprisingly enough, it's all legally purchased music, too... I think. ;-)

I'm gonna go make a phone call or two while I rip. I thought I had more to blog about, but this oughta hold you scallywags for a while. Arr!

Posted by Austin at March 22, 2004 10:08 PM