October 23, 2003

So most of you know about our new G5 and it's incredible feats of coolness. It turns out that Apple is making our new toy a little bit cooler with the release of Panther, the 10.3 version of OS X.

This thing has definitely got some bells and whistles, some of which are detailed in a glowing review by the NY Times. Stuff like the Expose feature, iChat AV, and even the adaptation of a few Windows-originated shortcuts definitely make the update as sweet as wedding cake. I don't think I've ever been this excited about an Apple product before since I got a modem for my first hand-me-down IIse.

If there was ever a chance for me to want to switch to Apple, this definitely makes the idea a whole lot more appealing.

Posted by Austin at October 23, 2003 03:40 PM

don't DO it.

Posted by: D on October 23, 2003 09:18 PM

I still have my PC at home and my laptop for work...

...but it's so tempting...

Posted by: Austin on October 24, 2003 03:16 PM
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