October 11, 2003
Need... Coffee... Now...

So it's 1:20am Pacific time, but for us it's 3:20am Central and we're still awake after about 10 hours of traveling. Seattle looks very cool in the flow of flourescent lights, and we can't wait to see it over the next 30 hours. So far we only have plans to go to Pikes Place (the place where they throw the fish) and see the very first Starbucks mothership. Other than that, and maybe a stop at the Space Needle, we'll probably just celebrate Shawn's birthday with drunken abandon!

Funny side note - There are 40 Starbucks within a 2 mile radius of Shawn's apartment. If you look at a 5 mile radius, it suddenly jumps to 83. 10 miles? Try 134.

This city is WAY to caffeinated for it's own damn good!

Posted by Austin at October 11, 2003 03:26 AM

Coffee....need more coffee! :)

Posted by: Orshi on October 13, 2003 11:58 AM
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